Different sets of page numbers in headers and footers

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Hi, this is my first activity on this forum. 

Recently, I had to do a work that involved putting page numbers on top of each page of word doc and at the bottom of every page I had to put in "continued on page (next page number)". So, I inserted page numbers in the headers of every page with page 1 on the first page. Then, I thought I could insert a different set of page numbers in footers starting with one value higher so that the page numbers in the footers of every page would be one greater than the page number in the header. However, when I tried to type in "continued on page" in the footer and again inserted page number, this time beginning with value 2 from the first page, the value of the page number in the header also changed to 2 from 1.  Hence, I was wondering whether it is possible to have different page numbers in header and footer of the same page. I would also appreciate any other suggestions or even different approaches to this problem.

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@wordaholic In the Header, use a regular { PAGE } and in the Footer, use


Continued on Page { = { PAGE } + 1 }


or, to prevent that appearing on the last page, use


{ IF { PAGE } < { NUMPAGES } "Continued on Page { = { PAGE } + 1 }" }


You must used CTRL+F9 to insert each pair of field delimiters and ALT+F9 to toggle off their display.

Yes, it worked. Thanks for the solution. Much appreciated.