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I am evaluating a survey for my thesis and would like to insert the results into Word using Excel charts.
Now I have the following problem. Because the answer options were so long, they are not shown to me completely. Now, of course, I could drag the chart infinitely long, so that the set is shown completely - but that looks infinitely stupid. Now, fortunately, I have discovered a function with which I can force Word/ Excel to display the text horizontally. This also works, the text is then displayed one below the other. Unfortunately, Excel then omits every second label for space reasons. Since the answer options are independent of each other, the missing labels are also not visible. The ability to stretch the chart in width is not available due to the page limitation in Word. I also don't want to reduce the font size infinitely, because then you can't read it anymore. Is there a way to force Excel/Word to simply display the font below each other in a straightforward manner? If I select the option "Data tAble", the text fits clearly underneath each other. (Except I don't want to display the data a second time in the table).
I am incredibly grateful for a tip, as I have been searching the internet for a solution for hours.
Thanks! :)


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Hello @Patriciaaaaa ,

A workaround tip: instead of the entire answer type: A, B, C, D, E, F etc. into the Chart.

Then make a 'legend' (pseude-legend) underneath the chart, whether typed directly in Excel or below it in Word doesn't matter (a question of aethetics, really, nothing more) where you explain what each means.

A: entire answer

B: entire answer

C: entire answer,



A: entire answer      B: entire answer     C: entire answer, etc.


Hope this helps.