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I am reworking my resume with a theme I found in Word. I want to delete the circled part between Contact and Education. I want that part deleted so I can move Education, Skills, etc. up and then add another category in that column. I tried everything I could but it will not delete that part. The circled part was where Contact was located previously but I wanted to move that up so I can add another category in that column. Everything else below that circled part I can add and delete with no problem. Why can't I delete that part? What is that part? Is it an invisible border or table? If I can just delete this one part the resume will be finished. See photo below:


word help.png

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Most resumes in Word are formatted using Tables.

Click in the part that you would like to delete.

In the (Table) Layout tab, turn on view of gridlines so you can see the Table structure.

Select a the area that you would like to delete and in the Layout tab, click on the button to delete a Cell, or right-click in the area you want to delete and select Delete Cell.


Just deleting using the Delete key will not remove the row, only the text.


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You may need to delete the row rather than just the cell.