Deleting page number from automatically-created TOC

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I want to remove the page number from the automatically generated table of contents (TOC).

My Table of Content consists of two pages. The first page does not include a page number, as I would like it to be. However, number 2 appears on the second page of the TOC. By deleting or removing it, all even-numbered page numbers in my book will also disappear.

I have done the following to no avail: Using section breaks, I separated the front matter (author name, Copy Rights, table of contents, etc.) from the body of my book. I also checked the “Different First Page” box and deselected “Link to Previous.” I use Windows 11 and Word 2021.

I appreciate your help.

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@SoheilRS If you do not want page numbers of any of the "front matter", insert a Section Break after it and go to each of the Headers and Footers in the Section of the documnet AFTER that Section Break and unlink them from the corresponding Headers and Footers in the first Section of the document.

In the first Section of the document, you can make whatever changes you want to the Headers and Footers, without affecting those in the second and subsequent Sections of the document.

Unless you want something different on the first page of the document, you will not need to use the Different First Page and probably also the Different Odd and Even options.


Thank you for your time. I did as you instructed, but I still get numeral 2 in the footer on the second page of the automatically created TOC. Thank you.



@SoheilRS You cannot have followed all of the steps.


Upload a copy of the document to a sharing site (such as OneDrive or Dropbox) and provide a link to it so the we can see exactly what it is that you missed.

Dear Doug,
The problem I mentioned in my previous post only occurred when I used Word's Farsi version to create my front matter and manuscript.
I had divided my front matter into sections. The automatically created table of contents was two pages long, and its second page had the numeral 2 in the footer. In order to get rid of it, I divided the table of contents by inserting a section break at the end of its first page. The numeral disappeared, but another issue arose: My TOC ended on page 5, an odd-numbered page, and Microsoft Word automatically inserted a blank page after it. Only the print preview showed this page.
As a result, I chose to use Page Break instead of Section Break for all front-page matter pages, except that I used a section break to separate my table of contents from the body of my manuscript. To my surprise, it worked. The extra blank pages and the numeral 2 in the footer have been removed.
Again, I truly appreciate your taking time to assist me. Many thanks. Soheil

@SoheilRS Your problem was almost certainly caused by the incorrect use of Section Breaks and\or the various types (Different First Page, Different Odd and Even) of Headers and Footers, possibly with not setting up those Headers and Footers.

Hi Doug,
I want to share the link to my document in OneDrive. What is the email address that I have send my link to?
Thank you.



The following article describes all the necessary steps: 

@SoheilRS Send it to dougrobbinsmvp[atsymbol]gmail[dot]com