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I created a custom style - a bullet list using an uploaded image - but now I can't get rid of it. 


I've deleted from the Styles list in both the current document and in the Normal.dotm template. There's no reference to it anywhere that I can find, except that when I create a HTML document from my Word doc it creates an associated _files folder containing the bullet image. The style is 100% definitely not used in the document, or any other graphics.


I need my HTML docs to be a single file (no associated _files folder).  How can I get rid of this bullet style once and for all?

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@ponytricks In a test here, while I was able to remove it from the Bullet Library by right clicking on the bullet and then on Remove,


while I had a document open in which I had used that bullet, it appeared in the Document Bullets section of the dialog and also under Recently Used Bullets


However, after restarting Word and when the active document did not use that bullet, it no longer appeared in the Dialog