Cut and Paste from older Template to New Template doesn't honor the styles/enhancements

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We release word templates with fixes frequently with version numbers for business users. When a user creates document using a newer Template and copies a paragraph or mix of paragraphs from a document that was created with an older Template, new styles/updates in new Template not honored.  Still the copied portion uses the older styles.

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Make sure that under File>Options>Advanced>Cut, copy, and paste the selection for Pasting between documents when style definitions conflict is "Use Destination Styles (Default)"

Hello @Adimulam_Natarajan ,


Common issue.

Unless you have a tool that inhibits transferring styles when using ctrl+c and ctrl+v shortcuts or other Word native functions, you will always, always end up transferring styles to new templates.


Unfortunatelly, the only way (unless you have that aforementioned tool) is to educate users that when they need to copy text between documents, they need to PASTE it as 'Text only'.


There will always be people forgetting that, but that's the best option. Or - buying/developing the tool.



The default setting in Word is to use the formatting of the target document (in Word for Windows, the paste options can be set at File > Options > Advanced).


For example, if you copy content formatted in a paragraph style called "My para style" into another document, and that style already exists in the target, the definition of the style in the target will be used for the pasted content.


An important exception to this rule applies to Word's built-in styles (Body Text, Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2 etc.). You can easily test this for yourself. If a built-in style hasn't been used in a document, and you copy content to which that style has been applied, the style definition of the source document will be used instead.