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I'm trying to create at cross-reference to a endnote py pagenumber. But the page-number will only refer to the reference of the endnote, not the actual endnote. So if the reference to the endnote is at page 1 and the actual endnote is at page 24, the cross-reference will have page 1. Any workarounds?



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I suspect that this is by design. Cross-references to endnotes always reference the endnote marker in the main body of the document, not the endnote text itself. You can post feedback via File > Feedback.



Hello @kaffeburk ,


yes, and a simple one, really.

1. Endnotes are always on the last page of the document. Give them a heading that keeps on the same page (keep with next, page break before, whatever works).

2. Bookmark this heading.

3. Make the reference to that bookmark.


Now, the problem might be when you have so many or lengthy endnotes that these are on many pages. In that case, place bookmarks wherever it is needed. You might even place a bookmark to each endnote text.


Hope this helps.



Note that if you add a heading inside the endnote area, it will suffer from the same limitation: Word won't be able to identify its page number properly (for the purpose of creating a cross-reference).


If you add a heading in the main body of the document immediately above the endnote area, the cross-reference will display the page number where the endnotes starts, but that page number will often be different from the page where a specific endnote text paragraph resides.


In other words, there is no "simple" workaround available here. 


I am well aware of the limits some solutions have. Seaking at least some solution is IMO better than "send suggestion via File - Feedback".


This is my last reply to you, I deem it unproffesional to have a tet-a-tet in a public space. Or correct someone elses' suggestions addressly, even if the solutions are totally off topic, wrong, misleading or unhelpful, for that matter. You seem to have that urge, so you feel free to continue, don't refrain yourself on my account. 




Since this is a public forum, I certainly don't see a problem with providing a nuanced comment to any reply. The goal for all of us is to assist those who are asking questions, the best way we can. Sometimes, there just isn't a simple solution or workaround to a poster's question.