Corporate Word templates - can we change they way they're displayed, and manage the sort order?

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We have bespoke 'corporate' Word templates which are deployed to all our staff. When they want to create a new document based on one of the templates, the user experience in Word 365 is dreadful. In older versions of Word we used to see a nice compact alphabetical list of the templates. Now, a user is initially taken to the built-in Office templates. To see our corporate templates they have to click onto a different tab. Then they see a a thumbnail gallery which is wasteful of screen real estate and requires a lot of scrolling. To make matters worse, the display order seems completely random (it's certainly not alphabetical). Is there any way of changing this? 

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You can use the legacy FileNew dialog. This can be triggered using a Quick Access Toolbar button or assigned to a keyboard shortcut.

I assume that you are using the Workgroup Templates folder location for your templates.

Using the legacy dialog you have display options, none of which include the huge thumbnail. Templates will be sorted first by folder (the folders appear as a tab in the dialog) and then by alphabetical order.


Thank you so much! Adding it to the Quick Access Toolbar is perfect :)