Convert Date Autoentry

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I use client management software to track various dates for legal deadlines.  My CMS will populate Microsoft Word documents I have prepared and stored in my CMS.  The dates iare stored in the following format: "mm/dd/yyyy".  When the Word templates I prepared are auto-populated with the date from CMS it is in the same format as previously stated, but that's not how it needs to be presented on legal pleadings, correspondence, etc.

I cannot change how the CMS stores the dates because they are used to calculate statutory deadlines.  Is there an macro or other setting I can set in my template that will automatically convert the date from "mm/dd/yyyy" to a date that looks like, "March 18, 2020" when the document is generated?  

Just to give you an idea how the Word templates are formatted, if I'm working with "Signing Date" in CMS, then the Word document will have a merge field that reads #Matter.Signing Date#.  To capitalize other merge fields I can highlight the entire merge field, open "Font" and select "All Caps", and that will preserve the format for the merge field and give me all caps (I cannot just type the merge field in all caps).  

I appreciate in advance your assistance.

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