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I have a Word doc with footnotes. To meet persnickety requirements of a journal, for all I need to change the font/size and change the numbering from superscripted number to non-superscripted number followed by period. Is there a way to do this without manually editing each footnote? I don't see any such option in the references menu.

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@cormanaz For the text of the footnotes, you can modify the Footnote Text stye so that it has the desired font and size.

For the numbering and the insertion of the period, you will find it easier to switch to Draft View and then click on Show  Notes in the Footnotes section of the Mailings tab of the ribbon. After removing the superscript attribute from one of the footnote reference numbers, you can use the Format Painter to facilitate changing each of the other footnote reference numbers.  As for the periods, there is no option but to manually insert them after the footnote reference number.

As you suggested, in draft view I tried removing the superscript then selecting the first footnote, format painter, then selecting the remaining footnotes. That does change the numbers but unfortunately it also clears the other formatting, especially italics, which are heavily used in the editorial style. Since I will have to edit each one anyway, is there a keyboard shortcut to un-superscript?
Actually I just realized that I could record a macro to un-superscript and add the period, so I am set. I don't have a footnote style in the styles list on the home ribbon. Is it somewhere else? It's unfortunate Microsoft didn't make restyling footnotes (including number format) easier.

@cormanaz  Press CTRL+SHIFT+S to display the Apply Styles dialog.  When you have the selection in some text, it will display the Style that is being used for that text and you can use the Modify button on that dialog to access the Modify Style dialog in which you can make modifications to the Style





Thanks for your help!