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I have a numeric merge field to be conditioned red for debit and default black for credit in a statement. The source data (in the EXCEL spreadsheet) has another merge field that is "CR" for credit and blank for debit. I have used the following in the WORD document when Alt F9:

{ IF { MERGEFIELD Fieldname1} = "CR" "{ MERGEFIELD Fieldname2 \#0.00 }" "{ MERGEFIELD Fieldname2 \#0.00 }" }

Here, the text in italics would actually be red in the WORD document, I am trying to condition FIELDNAME2 on the contents of FIELDNAME1. This is what was able to find on the Web. It has not worked. No content has been derived at all, suggesting that WORD could not resolve the merge instruction. Have I gotten the basic idea right? Is this just an error somewhere in the syntax?

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@ChrisBlanchard Use


{ MERGEFIELD Fieldname2 \# ",0.00;,0.00" }

Problem caused by me NOT using CTL-F9 to generate {}