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Hello, just experienced i word 365 that I can not copy words to the clipboard from word 365... When i Copy from PDF or Xcel  it works fine, but it will not come up in the list when copied from Word 365. 

The list i refer to is the "windows + V" combo. 

I see it actually comes up in the sidebar at word. but that is another story. 

What to do?

regards KL

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Are you saying that the copied items appear in the Clipboard pane but that they are not available to paste in another program, for example?





It appears on the sidepanel, but not on the pop-up list "windows + v" which is what I use. The problem is in word when i copy from word.... if I copy from PDF it comes up (in word)



Thanks for the update. I am not using the Clipboard History function myself. The support article at would seem relevant, but since you are having issues only with content copied within Word, I don't see an explanation. Sorry. 

:thumbs_up: for the effort.



You should probably repost in the Windows category of this forum.