Categorize list by first letter

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I have a list of various words in alphabetical order in Word. I want to create list with the following form: The first letter of the words and under it all the words that start with this letter. For example, under A all the words that start with A, under B all the words that start with B, etc. If every index letter could be  collapsable I would appriciate it.

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Is this an index created in Word? In that case, you can do what I outline below...


Press Alt+F9 (or Alt+Fn+F9 on some keyboards) to reveal field codes. Add \h "A" to the index field:

{ INDEX \h "A" }

Press F9 (or Fn+F9) to update the field. Press Alt+F9 again to hide field codes. 


See attached screen shot for an example.

On the other hand, if this is a list of typed entries, you can certainly sort them, for example if they are in a table, but there is no way to add "A", "B" etc. delimiters automatically.