cant delete an extra page

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Hi I am translating a document in Word that originally was a PDF created by someone else. The original Word doc has been lost. Anyway, the doc is 12 pages long and there is an extra blank page at the end. When I try to delete it, the previous content on two pages is deleted as well. it seems to have some lock or anchor to the last page.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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@EWC_Ningbo If you upload a copy of the document, we can investigate the issue and let you know how to delete that page alone.

My best guess is that while the document was OCR'd, the text had been inserted to a text box rather than as a plain text (which is often the case). Switch all non-printing characters on, table gridlines on, or hit Alt+F10 to see if there are any objects, and move the text from within the boxes to a plain paragraph. See if that helps to get rid of the extra page.