cannot select all footnote reference numbers, Nor can I change the font on any of them MAC 12.5.1

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cannot select all footnote reference numbers, Nor can I change the font on any of them.

the current file is imported from google docs that was a PDF from another program. 


But actually this has happened many times as a straight word file. 

Using two languages but number are in default English lang.


The footnotes came over with wrong font for reference numbers. I cannot A. select all footnote ref numbers and B. cannot change the font at all. I have to delete the footnote entirely and make a new footnote and paste the info on bottom.

the footnote number on bottom of page do not have this problem as I was able to select all and change font. 


Yes I went into styles and changed it and clicked modify and nothing. I just spent half hour at least with support and they couldn't help me, had me delete Word. 



I need to change these footnotes and its a MESS

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I think it has to do with the language as I can now change the font to another font in the other language but not in English (the font I need) how do I change the ref num language??
I went BACK into stylesheet footnote ref - and changed default lang to English and still did not change anything. I still can't change the font
If you upload a copy of the file and provide details of the change that you want to make, we will investigate the issue.
It has to do with language as I see now on the bottom that the footnotes are in another language and even if I go into language and change it it stays the other language.

How do I upload?

@tammitha If you click on the "Open full text editor" link




you will see the following dialog that contains facilities for uploading of files





@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVPThere is no drag and drop option here. and when I do drag, it says drag and drop and then nothing happens.

Click on "browse" and select the file that you want to upload.