Cannot group image and caption together

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I am writing my masters thesis and experience the following issue:


I have several images in my document (all with text wrapping, NOT in line) and want to add numbered captions for my automatically generated table of figures.

The problem is, when right-clicking on an image and selecting "add caption", the text box of the caption is not groupable with the image. The text box has a different kind of border than one would expect, see image:





For reference, I tried to recreate the issue in a new document, and there the caption has a "normal", groupable textbox, see:




Does any one of you have an idea how to move forward and fix this issue? The upper version of the caption box isnt groupable and moveable, so it is very hard to work with and it messes up the document at serveral points.


Thanks a lot and have a great day!



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Hello @osto1017 ,

before I give you my reply, let me please ask you - what are you trying to achive by "grouping" the caption with the image? Why is your caption a text box?


The reason I ask is that you seem to be trying to achieve something I would expect to see in PowerPoint rather than in Word.


The captions are fields and can be styled as they are essentially text (well, not really, but for the sake of this conversation yes). Pictures and tables are objects. You don't "group" captions (= paragraphs) with pictures. That's a thing you do in PowerPoint but not in Word. Grouping works for objects only.


What you do:

- You 'insert' captions. You find them in the 'References' ribbon. 

- To make them "stick" with the picture/table/object below them, you mark the paragraph of the caption (and that only) with Keep with next (Home → Paragraph → Line and Page breaks).

Note: The above works only IF a caption is ABOVE an object (which is what you are doing, seeing the screen-shot).


Let us know if this helped you. L.

Hi, did you figure this out? It has also happened to my document for my dissertation. Like yourself it works properly on other documents and was working properly prior to it not.
I strongly recommend that you have the layout of all images set so that they are In-line with Text as then, your document will be far less likely to becoming corrupted as a result of mis-matched xml tag errors.
When images are set with that layout, they will be inserted into a paragraph which can be formatted so that it is kept with the next paragraph into which you can insert the caption.
If you want the caption above the image, format the paragraph containing the caption so it is kept with the next paragraph that contains the image.