Can't insert icons in word, ppt, excel | kan geen pictogrammen invoegen

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It worked before but stopped working: inserting icons in word (Mac, office 365) (also ppt, excel: same problem). The way I do it:
I see icons, but when I choose one (any of them), it says it cannot be downloaded.
Same goes for stock images.
Tried MS support, so all the basic steps are already followed. Still no solution.
Device doesn't matter: same issue on mac and on macbook.

Het werkte eerder, maar nu niet meer: pictogrammen invoegen in word (Mac office 365) (ook ppt en excel, zelfde probleem). Hoe ik het doe:
Ik zie pictogrammen, maar als ik er één uitkies (welke dan ook), krijg ik de melding dat het item niet gedownload kan worden. Zelfde geldt voor 'voorraadafbeeldingen'
Heb MS support geprobeerd, dus al de voor de hand liggende stappen zijn al gevolgd. Geen oplossing. Apparaat maakt ook niet uit, het gebeurt zowel op mac als op macbook

Anyone ideas? Or the same issue?

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@deLoes experiencing the same issue as from today when trying to insert Microsoft Icons. Error message pops up = "Sorry, we couldn't download 1 of the 1 item(s) you selected. Please try again"

Yes, that's the same message I get
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@deLoes It appears that there may have been an issue with one of the Microsoft Servers that supply the Icons.


That assumes that under File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Privacy Options>Privacy Settings>Experiences that download online content, you have a check mark in the box for "Turn on experiences that download online content."

  • @Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP  thank you
  • That it's a server end issue makes sense.
    I had all the items in this box checked, I just looked, just to be sure, it is still checked. Do I need to take some (other) action?
It's working again!
Server issue was apparently the issue. Thanks for your replies