Automate word to download image by URL

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Hi everyone! 


I've been working in my life with word only for the basics, but recently i got a job and there they gave a task that envolves automation and word.


Well, i have to insert a image in the word document using the URL that will be informed. So, i tried to use the "INCLUDEPICTURE" tag, but it only works if i do manually. Is there any other way i could do this? 


This is how it all needs to happen: 

  1. Person will fullfill the form and submit it to the system;
  2. The system will use the datas to generate a first document;
  3. The system will make a API requisition, generate a QRCODE, and save the link of the QRCODE image;
  4. The system will generate a new Word 2016 document with the QRCODE inserted in it.

But I couldn't figure out how to insert the image automatically using a tag and link.


Here's a example image link: < >


And here is how i'm inserting data on the document.



Can anyone help me? :sad:

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