AutoCorrect Not Saving

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I use an online PACS system for work. It is called Ramsoft, which incorporates my MS Word (365) to create documents/reports. I create a lot of auto correct entries. They are definitely not saving to normal.dotm or the normal global template in MS Word, rather some long alphanumeric document. Hence, I'm guessing some kind of clipboard thing because the autocorrects are not saving. I do not know if that makes sense. They have definitely saved before but are no longer. I really need my autocorrects! Can I go into that Ramsoft folder and delete that long alphanumeric document? I think there may even be two of them. Will that kind of reset my MS word back to the normal.dotm/global template? 

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You will need help on this from Ramsoft, not Microsoft.

Formatted AutoCorrect entries are stored in the Normal.dotm template. Unformatted ones are stored in language-specific .acl files.



(None of those will help you with Ramsoft, though.)