Any way to select all footnote references?

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When I combined Chapter 1 with the Front Matter (table of contents, list of illustrations) for a book, all the footnote references were automatically changed. The style sheet associated with the document still has the correct formatting, but I have to highlight each footnote reference number manually  and then change it to the footnote reference style (200 times!) When I first highlight the footnote reference, it goes to the outline style.

I originally input the notes correctly with the Reference menu, so why is this happening, and how can I prevent it with the next properly formatted chapter?  Please HELP

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Try changing the format of the footnotes via the Footnote and Endnote reference dialog and after clicking on Apply, then change it back to the original format and click on Apply again.


Thanks so much Doug.  The problem seems to have arisen because all the footnote reference numbers were "recoded" according to the outline format, and so Apply didn't affect them.


This is not the first time this has happened, but in previous times (with another volume), I used Ctrl Z, exited, and then did the add again.  In one case, I had to start adding after the Heading 1, and then go back and put in the heading.  

If I understood why the program sometimes changes the coding of a section of text, I could figure out a work around!



What do you mean by "the footnote numbers have been "recoded" according to the outline"?


Do the numbers still have the Footnote Reference style applied to them?


If they do, you could use the Find and Replace facility to find text to which that Style has been applied and replace it with ^& to which the Footnote Reference Style is applied.




All is now fixed, but when I highlighted a footnote reference (e.g. a number) either in the text or in the notes), it was no longer associated with footnote reference in the style sheet, but instead with an outline heading style 1.11.111. This was the case for 80 % of the note numbers: the others had picked up some other style, which is why I had to highlight each individually, change it to footnote reference, and Apply the style.

I spoke with a professor at the local community college who teaches Word. He has had similar experiences wen moving one long file into another to consolidate. The solution is, apparently, to copy small sections at a time.