Annoying popup every time I open a Word document



I have Office 2019 build 2110 and I have saved some Word documents on my personal OneDrive storage and every time I open one of them, a pop up comes up saying that others are editing this document and whether I would like to automatically share my changes. (see attachment)

I know I can never let this message show up again after clicking Yes or No but I don't know why this comes up in the first place since I'm not sharing any of my documents with others. When clicking on the Share button in the right top corner, I can see my own name in the appearing column stating that I'm editing the document.

Is this a normal thing when someone opens his/her own documents that are saved in a cloud?

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How are you accessing the document, specifically? For example, if the document is open in both Word Online and in the locally installed app at the same time, that may count as two users. 


Is the option "Always use these values regardless of sign in to Office" selected at File > Options > General? In that case, try clearing the option.






Hello, I always open the documents within a locally installed Word app, it is not opened in Word Online. 

The checkbox of that setting is already cleared.


I noticed that some documents give this pop up while others doesn't. Not sure why.



Thanks for the follow-up. I guess the important question is: What is particular about those documents where you are (not) seeing this issue? 



And that's a great question, it seems to be verg random and I can't notice any specific characteristics in the documents that have this issue. That's why I'm at a loss.



Of course, if the issue occurs intermittently it is very difficult to troubleshoot. :(