A particular symbol unable to search and replaced in Word

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I am able to search for words and symbols on the word application but there is a particular symbol that does not come up with results when I search. When I search for this symbol with words attached to it, it doesn't recognize it, neither word or the symbol. But when I search for the word without the symbol, the browser ignores that the symbol is in the text. I need assistance with this issue Please.


The symbol is: ¬


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WIth the selection in the Find what control, hold down the ALT key and type 0172 on the numeric keypad which will insert ¬ into that control.   If you want to search for the symbol plus the word following it, insert the word after the ¬


If you want to delete the ¬ from before whatever words it appears before, run a macro containing the following code:


With ActiveDocument.Range
     .Text = Replace(.Text, Chr(172), "")
End With


If that does not help can you provide a copy of document that contains the symbol and provide details of how you want the document changed.

Even though it is in Swedish, the symbols are the same as in English, and the principle is easy to translate.

Lett me give a example. Take a look in the left side, and se what the browser can recognize and not (Inga matchningar=No results)

Skärmavbild 2022-07-04 kl. 08.38.12.pngSkärmavbild 2022-07-04 kl. 08.37.56.pngSkärmavbild 2022-07-04 kl. 08.37.39.pngSkärmavbild 2022-07-04 kl. 08.36.59.png

@Harald_Bergman Did you try using the macro that I included in my response.


If you want the ¬ replaced by a space, use


With ActiveDocument.Range
.Text = Replace(.Text, Chr(172), " ")
End With


with a space between the quotation marks


If you need more assistance, can you provide a copy of the document.


Thank you, but since computers are not my best topic, i don't understand "run a macro containing the following code:"
If you want to remove the ¬, you should be able to do it by inserting the ¬ into the Find what control of the Find and Replace dialog and insert a space into the Replace with control, or leave that control empty if you do not need a space in place of the ¬