Windows Server 2022 Product Key showing Volume_KMS_WS19 Channel

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My firm recently updated SPLA with Microsoft Reseller and got the Windows Server 2022 KMS product keys. However, it doesn't work as expected. The symptom is quite buggy to me.


I installed the WinSRV 2022 product key (KMS) with a Windows Server 2022 running KMS volume activation service. It always returns as 'Volume_KMS_WS19 Channel' from the drop-down-list. Nothing can be activated by the KMS server. All activations ended up with error: 0xC004F074. Needless to mention, the Windows Server 2022 KMS server was fully updated and time is synced with clients. 


If I install the same KMS key with Windows Server 2016 or 2019, the product key returns as the expected 'Volume_KMS_WS22 Channel'. And activation works properly. 


Why the same key got different results on WinSRV 2022 comparing to 2016/2019? Is this a known issue?



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As Windows Server 2022 has released to general availability, support has transitioned from the Insider forums to the support team. Please contact the support team for help with this issue at Thank you.