Windows Server 2022 (any build): Add Print Management Console to Server Manager to context menu


This is a long standing issue, eventually could also be backported to existing releases.



have a server with print server role installed

add the server to server manager

in Server Manager click on the left pane to to show all servers with print server roles installed

right click on a print server from the server list



The context menu is missing the print management console.


expected behaviour:

the idea in server manager is that if you select a server from a role category and open the context menu it will show all possible MMC consoles and open them directly with the connection to the server you have selected.

e.g. select DNS on the left pane in Server Manager, on the right hand select a Server listed in DNS, right click > DNS > will open DNS MMC for this server.


this is only missing for Print Management


Thanks for looking into this and fixing this issues (introed in Server 2012)

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Thank you for the feedback! Strategically speaking, our strategy for management of Windows Server and the successor to in-box MMC management tools (such as Server Manager) is Windows Admin Center (WAC). So Server Manager is in a deprecated bug fixing mode, and all new innovation is in WAC. With that context I encourage you to try out WAC and would love your thoughts on the experience with WAC.


Hi @Elden Christensen I am a fiery user and advocate of WAC since one of the first releases and have about 50 items in uservoice.

I hope that this fixing the context menu could be in reach. WAC has no plugin to (remotely) manage printing roles at all.


Thanks for giving it another thought. DSAC has also seen a bugfix that I have discussed with members of Microsoft and I am very happy about this, as this issue in DSAC also was part since Server 2012.