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ISSUE - Server 2022 b20234 - Configure Volume Shadow Copy is missing in context menu on ReFS volumes



open Windows explorer

right click on an NTFS formatted drive 
vs right click on an ReFS formatted drive


NTFS volume



ReFS volume





This entry is missing for ReFS formatted volumes. VSS is configurable on ReFS volumes

expected behaviour: the entry should be added to the context menu to launch VSSUIRUN.exe


Affected builds:

Server 2012 and later, Server LTSC / SAC including Server 2022

Shadow copies tab is missing from ReFS on Windows Server 2012 (
VSS Schattenkopien mit ReFS Volumes (


2 Replies

Thanks, I've encountered this multiple times before and always forget to report it.

Since there is no official response yet, wonder if this is triaged and has a chance to be fixed in 2022 LTSC.
#consistency :hugging_face: