Feature Request / Fix - Server 2022 - Server Manager - Add Servers - Active Directory OS filtering


Feature request:
Server Manager:
All Servers > Add Servers > Active Directory: Update OS filtering options (dropdown)


Currently it does stop with Windows 10 / Server 2016 LTSC

One cannot filter to show only servers with Server 2019 or Server 2022 or Azure Stack HCI, or Server SAC



Please add 
- Windows Server 2019 LTSC - based on OsBuildNumber
- Windows Server 2022 LTSC - based on OsBuildNumber
- Server Azure Stack HCI - based on OSName string
- Windows Server version (SAC versions) - based on OsName string, as you do not have to update this every 6 months


I am aware you do not plan to update GUI tools anymore. imho it should not be much of work to add more some more Powershell lines here.
Usecase: Server Manager still offers functionality that is not part of Windows Admin Center, and never will be by design.

Server Manager only Features:

- Roles / Features post configuration. This is still something that needs to be done via Server Manager (for GUI users). Example: AD CS, AD DS, WSUS etc.
- Health Dashboard

- At a glance Performance metrics / warning
- Viewing and searching eventlogs across servers

- Best Practices Analyzer

- managing Disks, Volumes, Storage Spaces on different servers in one view
- powerful filtering options for views


WAC is an amazing tool for the usecase but centered on a "per Server" configuration and such cannot fulfill certain tasks as Server Manager. 

Thank you very much.

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