Windows Firewall only blocking connections from macos computers

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We have a mixed windows/mac environment at the office. Suddenly on Thursday afternoon, only windows based computers were able to see and access our local server (Windows Server 2019) in the office and macs were not. This goes for smb based connections through "Connect to server" in macos Finder as well as the mac Remote Desktop app.


I'm baffled. No update was run on the server. I have confirmed that turning off windows firewall for private networks allows the macs to connect. Any thoughts?

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If no update or Group Policy setting was changed which applies to the server... Then a firewall rule must have been added/changed... You can't find logs telling you what port/service was blocked in regards to the Mac clients?
I'm not advanced enough to read those logs and glean anything from them. I ended up whitelisting the IP's on the local network which resolved the issue.