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Dear all,

I am using windows 10, but to access my NAS, I must enable SMB1.

What is risk if I connect on above? Please share for me your experience.

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Thanks u Kapil, I will refer.
Dear Kapil
windows 10 blocked version 1 of SMB, how can upgrade for SMB?
I believe you can try following PowerShell cmdlet to enable SMBv2:

Set-SmbServerConfiguration –EnableSMB2Protocol $true

Once you execute above command, you'll be asked to confirm, so press Y and SMBv2 should be enabled on your system.


I think your NAS has to support it. Check on the vendor's forum. Maybe there's a firmware update. I looked into this with Drobo, but SMBv1 is the only option for the device.


Yeap, NAS have support upgrade high SMB, but new model only.

I refer here:

thanks your reply.