Skilling snack: Windows information and resources for IT pros
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Staying on top of the complexity of your Windows environment, the global security landscape, and the latest solutions coming out of Windows is a juggling act. The good news is that our multiple information channels are here to help you have your cake and eat it too! Bookmark and follow any of the channels we have on Windows updates and management: documentation, messages, blog articles, learning materials, social media updates, communities, and live events – slice it any way you want!

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 10 mins (to browse and bookmark) + at least 76 mins (to fully engage)


Windows release health

Visit this public information hub on Windows releases and servicing milestones. It's a landing page for the Windows message center, release notes, known issue pages, and resolved issue pages. Additionally, find helpful references, tips, and channels to learn more or submit your feedback.

(time varies)

WRH + Windows Update + Release Notes + KI + KB + Resolved Issues + Help



Windows message center

Find the latest announcements and links to the most recently published resources. This is a public message board, hosted by the Windows release health, meant for broad audiences.

(time varies)

WRH + Windows Update + KI + Reminder + New + Highlights + Features + EOS +Time Zone + Guides + Continuous Innovation + Hardening



How to check Windows release health

Visit Windows release health for the latest information on Windows monthly and feature updates. Although some of the information is available on a public Microsoft Learn page, access the more tailored experience via a Microsoft 365 admin center. Find the prerequisites, status definitions, known issue history details, and frequently asked questions.

(10 mins)

WRH + M365 Admin Center + Windows Update + Enterprise + Education + KI + KB


watch icon.pngWATCH

How to sign up for Windows known issue email alerts

Wish to receive email notifications about issues related to Windows updates? If you have access to the authenticated portal of M365 admin center, you can! See how to sign up and make informed decisions about rolling out an update across your environment.

(4 mins)

WRH + M365 Admin Center + KI + Status + Workarounds + Windows Update



Windows IT Pro Blog

Visit and follow our blog space to find announcements and guides on the latest improvements in Windows servicing. We publish prescriptive guidance around Windows updates, including device and update management, lifecycle news, engineering peeks behind the scenes, new capabilities and features, reference guides, and these skilling snacks.

(time varies)

Windows Update + Servicing + Management + Features + IT Admin + MDM + Skilling Snacks


engage icon.pngENGAGE

Windows - Microsoft Community Hub

Join the 152K Tech Community members by creating a free profile. Browse, join, and start discussions based on the Windows product of your interest. Interact with your peers and earn "top participant" badges!

(time varies)

Windows 11 + W365 + Servicing + Autopatch + Management + Deployment + Security + WIP + Windows 10 + AMA



Bookmark release notes (also known as update history) for all the Windows versions applicable to your organization. That's where you can learn about the details of each monthly update.

(time varies)

Release Notes + Update History + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Windows Server + Security + Nonsecurity + Preview + Windows Update



Interested in following any known issues (KI) found with released updates? Browse the issues we're watching and working on for each of the appropriate Windows versions. For each issue, find the summary, status, KB numbers of relevant updates, and history. See if your issue has a temporary workaround or a permanent resolution.

(time varies)

KI + KB + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Windows Server + Status + Workaround + Resolution + History


engage icon.pngENGAGE

Follow us on social media! Sometimes it's more fun to get the latest information on your daily channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Pick all channels that suit your preferences and stay up to date on the go.

(time varies)

Windows Update + IT Pro + Release Notes + Demo Bytes + Tackling Tech + Technical Takeoff + AMA + Business + Enterprise + Twitter + YouTube + LinkedIn



Microsoft Learn: Windows training for IT admins

Find the learning module or path that fits your needs or professional goals. Filter your search by a Windows product, your role, your knowledge level, and specific subjects.

(time varies)

Learn + Plan + Prepare + Deploy + Manage + Windows Update + Servicing + Windows + IT Admin



Windows on Microsoft Q&A

Browse, follow, and engage with any of the 56K questions on Windows-related topics from your peers. Ask your own question by selecting the blue button in the top right corner, under your profile icon.

(time varies)

Windows + AD + Hyper-V + UWP + Compatibility + Hardware + IoT + Network + Security + API + SDK + Autopatch + Autopilot + GP + Server



IT pros: join us every month for Windows Office Hours

Learn about our monthly office hours and add the next one to your calendar! Please submit your questions in writing at the designated link, and we'll gather a group of experts to answer them live. Attend the next live session, lasting about 60 minutes.

(2-60 mins)

Windows + W365 + Intune + ConfigMgr + Security + Public Sector + TastTrack + IT Pro

Keeping your Windows environment up to date is not as easy as pie. If you're up for learning how to plan, prepare, and deploy Windows updates, follow the learning path in Stay current with Windows devices and Microsoft 365 Apps (2 hrs 15 mins).

Are you up to date on all Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros?

Continue the conversation. Find best practices. Bookmark the Windows Tech Community and follow us @MSWindowsITPro on Twitter. Looking for support? Visit Windows on Microsoft Q&A.

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