Skilling snack: Windows Autopatch
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Windows Autopatch is a new enterprise service that simplifies and automates Windows and M365 update management, helping you spend less time managing quality updates for your organization and more time driving value. Here’s how you can catch up on what it is, how it works, and how you can start using it today – all in just two hours! Got 10, 30, or 60 minutes to start? Jump right to the resource with the desirable time stamp and come back for another snack later to keep learning.

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 119 minutes


read icon.pngREAD

What is Windows Autopatch?

Visit official documentation for Windows Autopatch. To begin, learn how this cloud service improves update management in automating Windows, Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Teams. Follow the table of contents or cross-references to dive deeper into the management area of most interest to you.

(3 mins)

Update Management + Quality Updates + Feature Updates + 365 Apps + Edge + Teams


watch icon.pngWATCH

Windows Autopatch, How it Works: Automate updates to Windows PCs and devices

How does Windows Autopatch actually work? Join our Microsoft 365 Director who reverse engineers the service. Learn how to enable it, how to register devices, and look behind the scenes of sequenced rollouts, broad ring policy, and app updates.

(11 mins)

Update Management + Rings + Intune + Azure AD + Microsoft 365


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Automate Windows 365 Enterprise patch management with Windows Autopatch - Windows in the Cloud

Learn about the “what” and “why” of the new Microsoft service that automates update management on your Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs. Follow the demos on how to onboard, manage or add devices, create provisioning policies, provide feedback, and use built-in reports.

(30 mins)

Quality Updates + Windows 365 + Provisioning + Policies + Azure AD + License Assignment + Compliance


read icon.pngWATCH

AMA: Windows Autopatch

Ask Microsoft Anything is a series of live and recorded panels where our engineers share tips based on your needs. Hear them answer questions about Office updates, deployment reports, offboarding devices, agile virtual desktops, zero-days, the network, and troubleshooting.

(60 mins)

Update Management + Security + Office + Compliance + AVD + Windows 365


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What’s new in Windows Autopatch: January 2023: FastTrack support

Read about the latest improvements in Windows Autopatch. Specifically, see how FastTrack service offers their resources and expertise for additional guidance at no additional cost. Watch an embedded demo on how to onboard the service with Fast Track.

(15 mins)

FastTrack + Microsoft 365 Apps + Release Management + Expedited Updates + AVD + Office 32-Bit


experience icon.pngEXPERIENCE

Windows Autopatch demo site

Test the Autopatch solution in a few different scenarios with the demos we’ve put together for you. Experience what it’s like to enroll a tenant, register and manage devices, release management and support, and view current and historical device data for reporting.

(time varies)


engage icon.pngENGAGE

Autopatch Tech Community

Ready to put your knowledge to practice? Feel free to stop by our Autopatch Tech Community, browse conversations, and start your own. Consider this another snack-and-chat opportunity to build a supportive community.

Additionally, bookmark or subscribe to our blog series!

(time varies)

For how Windows Autopatch fits within the update management story, revisit our last week’s 24-minute bite of Update power: Microsoft management solutions for your scenario(s). Skilling and update management are becoming faster and simpler, so that’s our “house blend” for you this week.

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