Optimize Windows PC protection and performance with intelligent insights
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Today there are more than 1.3 billion active monthly devices on Windows 10. To keep these devices updated with feature and quality updates at such scale, we apply machine learning using diagnostic data to generate insights into how an update deployment is going. These insights help us better understand the dependencies between different components in the diverse ecosystem of Windows devices and applications, and help us maintain our focus on compatibility, one of our top priorities for updating Windows devices.

Our goal is to keep all Windows devices running smoothly and without interruption. To support you as you configure and manage updates across your organization, we provide several services that bring our machine learning insights to you. Using these insights, Desktop Analytics, Update Compliance, Microsoft Managed Desktop, and the Windows Update for Business deployment service can help you better plan, prepare, and deploy updates across your organization. By knowing which devices to update first and having access to details on why some devices may or should get updates later, these services can help you efficiently keep devices up to date across your PC estate. They can also help ensure that your end users stay performant and protected.

We recognize many organizations have more complex needs and regulatory requirements when it comes to making sure that Windows devices are kept secure and reliable with the latest updates. The services listed above are now powered by Windows diagnostic data collected from devices using the Windows diagnostic data processor configuration. Now generally available, the Windows diagnostic data processor configuration further empowers you to manage your organization's diagnostic data. It provides you familiar tools to support data subject rights, including managing, exporting, or deleting data stored securely in your Azure tenant. It also lets you benefit from our technology without compromise. To learn more, please see our guide for IT and privacy professionals and get started with configuring Windows diagnostic data in your organization.

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