Windows release health coming to the Microsoft 365 admin center
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To help you keep your devices protected and productive, in the coming weeks, Microsoft is launching Windows release health on Microsoft 365 admin center. Microsoft 365 and Windows administrators will now benefit from an expanded version of the Windows release health hub, with more in-depth information about Windows updates, known issues, safeguards, lifecycle updates, and related news.

With life and business more virtual than ever and dependent on healthy large-scale environments, it is essential to make IT administrators’ work easier. Windows release health in the Microsoft 365 admin center will be available for organizations with applicable Microsoft 3651 and Windows subscriptions2. Windows release health will appear as a new menu item (image below) under the Health section.

Windows release health as a new menu itemWindows release health as a new menu item

Why add Windows release health to the Microsoft 365 admin center?

For those not already using Microsoft 365 admin center, it is a comprehensive toolkit that enables admins to configure, manage, and monitor Microsoft 365 services. It lets you oversee applications, services, data, devices, and users across multiple services, making this centralized platform the best place for an improved Windows release health experience. We will offer more information and more in-depth technical guidance relevant for IT pros managing complex, hybrid environments with mixed Windows versions.

If you need to address known issues quickly and access information to prepare for rolling out Windows feature updates and monthly quality updates, this is a service designed for you. Windows release health on the admin center is also the right place if you want early awareness of policy changes, new resources, deprecations, and advisories. To learn more about the Microsoft 365 admin center, you can see this short overview video to navigate the admin center.

Communicating about Windows release health is part of our commitment to increasing transparency. See the quickest way to learn about Windows release health to learn more about this journey.


How to navigate the new resources related to Windows

Admins with access to Microsoft 365 admin center will start seeing a new option on the tool’s main menu to access the Windows release health page. The All versions tab (the default view) will show all supported versions of the Windows operating system. There, you will have access to useful information on known issues, features, and monthly updates for supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Server.

The open and resolved known issues will show details, such as symptoms, scenarios, workarounds, originating updates, status, and, ultimately, resolutions. In addition, you will see detailed information to match identified symptoms and mitigation options with technical depth. You will be able to set up filters to select the versions relevant to you and receive info on potential issues in advance.

In addition to content related to known issues, you will see Windows announcements on the Message center. You can customize your notification preferences just as you would for any other product or service in the admin center.


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1 Requires Microsoft 365 E3/A3/F3 or Microsoft 365 E5/A5
2 Requires Windows 10 E3/A3 or Windows 10 E5/A5

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