New guided simulations for Windows 11 Enterprise
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we've created guided simulations of Windows 11 functionality to help you, the IT pro, see the similarities with Windows 10 and show your employees how familiar the experience is. We want to make it easy for you to see how device and update management are the same as they were with Windows 10—and to help demonstrate how Windows 11 makes people more productive while keeping your organization protected.

The four simulations (or demos) below are designed to:

  • Help employees to get to know Windows 11 before you update their devices.
  • Show how easy it is to deploy a cloud printer with Universal Print.
  • Outline the process of upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11.
  • Walk through deploying a new device with Windows 11 using Autopilot.

While the last three simulations are really for you, the IT professional, we always show how the results are experienced by your people. These are all click-through simulations presenting the actual experience of Windows 11 and Microsoft cloud-based management tools.

These simulations feature Contoso employees Megan, an information worker, and Allan, an IT professional, as they incorporate Windows 11 into their workdays. Allan deploys Windows 11 to new and existing company devices. He deploys Universal Print to move print infrastructure to the cloud. Megan receives a new device with Windows 11 and has an existing device upgraded to Windows 11. And she's able to print with Universal Print not only from her new devices, but also from her iPhone.

Get to know Windows 11

We begin with Megan's experience with Windows 11, showing the familiar but more productive interface. The new experience is easier to use and navigate, and Megan is able to use new tools and capabilities, as well as her familiar apps. And finally, she experiences the new collaboration features included in Windows 11.

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Get to know Universal Print

Printer management is often the last thing to get migrated to the cloud. Universal Print is Microsoft's cloud-based print solution that enables simple, rich, and secure printing experiences, while reducing time and effort for IT. The guided simulation shows Allan setting up Universal Print and how Megan benefits from the new capabilities on her Windows 11 laptop and from her smartphone.

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Update to Windows 11

Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 to 190,000 devices around the world in five weeks. There was careful planning and testing involved, but Windows Update for Business deployment service and Microsoft Endpoint Manager were key tools for a smooth deployment. The guided simulation shows how Allan can manage the planning and update process for Contoso using cloud management tools. You can read to get the lowdown on the Windows 11 update at Microsoft.

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Get to know Windows Autopilot

After we show you how existing Windows 10 devices are upgraded to Windows 11, we demonstrate how new devices are deployed with Windows Autopilot. Windows Autopilot enables admins to configure devices from a cloud console and have their supplier ship Windows devices directly to employees, wherever they are. When the device is received, employees just log in with their company credentials, and the device is automatically provisioned. The PC is locked down according to company policies, enrolled into management, and installs curated applications. Windows Autopilot maximizes ease of use for employees, allowing them to unbox and start working right away.

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Let us know your thoughts!

We are excited about Windows 11 and to share these guided simulations with you. Windows 11 can transform people's work lives while maintaining familiarity. These guided simulations provide an introduction and can also be used as reference while using the new Windows 11 features and technologies. Let us know if you want us to create more of these, and what topics you'd like to see in the comments below!

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