ezeep Hub brings Universal Print to any printer
Published Feb 11 2021 02:01 PM 3,063 Views
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With ezeep’s Hub for Universal Print any existing printer can support Universal Print. The Hub can service single printers in home offices as well as fleets of printers in offices.

While printer manufacturers, many of which ezeep partners with – are working to add support for Universal Print to new printers there are millions of printers and even more users out there that could greatly benefit from Universal Print’s capabilities. Adding support to existing printers is cost effective, ecological, and quick.

ezeep Hub is the best way to connect existing printers to Universal Print. It is an affordable, solid-state micro-appliance that can be deployed to home offices, offices, and remote locations alike. With just an Ethernet connection and power needed it detects printers on its local network and adds them to a Universal Print account so they can be assigned to the users.

ezeep Hub was developed because software connectors require too much know how to be rolled out and a computer or server has to be set aside, maintained, secure and kept running at all times, costing around $2000 per year according to Quocirca. That is significantly less economic and ecological as a solid-state micro-appliance that can be powered with any micro-USB power cord, configured with a simple web interface, and doesn’t need maintenance or security updates thanks to a customized, locked-down and hardened OS.

Each ezeep Hub is tied to a Microsoft Azure account and its printers are accessible only from within this account ensuring printers can only be used by authorized users and print data cannot be seen by unauthorized parties.


Creating an outbound connection, to avoid complex firewall configurations, from its location ezeep Hub authorizes with Microsoft Azure and reports the printers it detected – particularly stubborn printers can be added manually - to the organization’s account where they can be assigned to the respective users and appear within their Universal Print interfaces.

Once a user initiates a printout their job is sent as a securely sent from Microsoft Universal Print to the respective ezeep Hub which routes the job to the printer on the local job. This setup also keeps printers and the sensitive data they process shielded from direct connections to the internet.

ezeep Hub for Universal Print also offers an upgrade path to the full ezeep solution for customers looking for extra features like support for MacOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android as well as secure printing and others.

ezeep is part of the ThinPrint family of products and draws on more than 20 years of experience in providing print management and optimization to more than 30,000 customers in 126 countries around the world with solutions for single users as well as for deployments are large as 300,000 users.

Visit our site to learn more about ezeep Hub for Universal Print.

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