You Phone keeps sending notfications

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Hello Windows Insiders,


Your Phone has been repeatedly sending me notification that I need to finish setting up my device, I have deactivated the phones linked that are not my phones but just used for borrowing.


Nothing is linked and such I want to turn it off. 




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Hello @Deleted,


You can turn off notifications for Your Phone app. Go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions > Get notifications from apps and other senders and turn Off Your Phone option.


You can also change notification setting inside Your Phone app, step mentioned here:


Hope this helps! 

I don't think simply hiding the notifications will solve the problem as the app still thinks it's connected to that device,
I suggest to go to Windows settings => Apps => search for "Your Phone" in app search area
=> click on Advanced options => press Delete to delete app's data

it's basically the same as deleting app data on Android, i would do this instead of turning off notifications.
Thank you, but wouldn't it resync all the data?
you say there is no phone connected to your MSFT account and Your Phone app, so what sync data? once you clear data of your phone app in Windows 10, there is nothing to sync anymore.
I reseted it and deleted the data. but it still says we detected a new iPhone, do you want to make ti default.