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When i burn the current 26090 preview build to a USB with rufus . and do a brand new ssd 2tb from samsung  i get the bsod.   If i burn 23h with media creation tool  it goes onto the laptop with no problem.   What is causing the problem.   I have research this for several day now.  all the driver on the laptop are up to date.    if i try to do a update from windows update.   i get a fail on os second boot.

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But some thing happened with me like that but my pc didn't Blue screen it Said it cant boot in to the os Rufus Doesn't Boot some times
Here is an easier way to update. Go to Windows Flight Hub and Download the newest ISO for your Group. (Canary, Dev or Beta) then do an upgrade in place. 26100 is the latest for Canary.

@Alabamatom1963  so its the Newest lso file it was the 23H3 iso Is the newest and I booted with a USB but i didn't Omer did And it The computer not Windows gave me a Error of Rufus Windows 11 USB Can't Boot Enable Legacy and note This maybe a Bootable USB and maybe the Computer cant boot


Mount the ISO on to a Virtual Drive and Install that way.
Once mounted you can install as if is was in a actual disc Drive and install it that way.