Windows downgrade

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I download windows 11 after 10 - 15 days i reset my pc but it did not go back to windows 10 it was windows 11 after 10 to 23 days later i want go back windows 10 i am ok losing data or reseting my pc 

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PLS Someone help me
You need to unregister from insider program and do a clean installation of Windows10

After 10 days, only way to downgrade is by making clean install of Windows 10 after formatting the drive:

Make sure you backup you data to external drive, before formatting the drive.

Let me know if this helps!
I have a laptop
i have a laptop
Of course, a laptop also requires a clean installation of Windows10.
can you help me i did not underderstand pls
but my laptop has softwere like armory crate and how will activate windows

The easiest way will be to use the services of it- there they will install Windows10 - so I would suggest -please write what you think
can i get insta or discord it will easier pls help me
I apologize , but my browser provides the system in my language, so search - Download Windows10 - will be in your language, then download the tool to create media and use USB media to install Windows10