Windows Caption fails to download the caption file

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I'm running Windows 11 Pro, evaluation copy. Build 25267.rs_prerelease.221209-1557. 


When I open the Windows Caption app, it asks to download the caption files. When I click on download, it churns. It will churn for hours.


Captions was working two days ago. I don't know of any change to the PC except updates.

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Additional information.

I also have a laptop running Windows 11 but I've not activated the windows insider program on it. The Live Captions App works just fine on the laptop. It would appear the difficulty with the app on the PC would be possibly with the updates that have been installed. Is there anyone who has this same problem or who knows who I could contact at Microsoft?


When the problem started, I contacted support about the problem and level 1 and level 2 tech checked my system. They came up dry and suggested creating this discussion with the tech community. I use Live Captions because of my limited hearing. It's a necessity for me.



I have some encounter issues with Window Caption Live failing to download the caption's files, according to Mircosoft support saying that might have an issue with the coding on the system which is causing this so I suggest restoring previous your version until they resolve with once they address it I already submitted to Feedback regard of that issue with me. That is the only I can tell you the best way to restore the previous version.

A recent Microsoft update for Windows 11 has corrected the problem. It appears to have been a coding problem. Thank you, everyone for responding.