Windows 11 UI Feedback

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The new UI does not feel mouse/keyboard friendly in a lot of places. To be honest it feels like a lot of functions were dropped or hidden to make it more touch screen friendly, which would be fine, but there are very few options to bring back the functions that were lost.


The Start Menu needs several options. Honestly, just having the option to have a Start Menu like Windows 10 would fix a lot of gripes. Also an option to add the Control Panel and Recycle Bin folders to the Start Menu as "Folders which appear on Start" would be excellent. That, or allow them to be pinned to Quick Access.


For the Taskbar, we really need the ability to un-stack apps. When you're using multiple instances of a program it can help to have individual icons in the taskbar to quickly bounce back and forth between them. Also, PLEASE let us move the Taskbar to the sides and top of the screen. In some instances it's very helpful to have that option and I'm still struggling to figure out why it was taken away. We also need the ability to open a file in an app by dragging it to that app on the taskbar. From personal experience I noticed myself losing a lot of time manually going through apps to open files.


The Full Context Menu on Right Clicks absolutely needs to come back, along with the ability to see previews/file thumbnails on mixed media folders. I work with multimedia presentations and the loss of those functions became an increasing hurdle for me to work. It would also be very helpful to have the option to bring back Windows 10 ribbon back in the File Explorer.


My overall time in Windows 11 was spent trying to find ways to bring back missing functionality from 10. I wanted to give 11 a chance but overall didn't last more than a few days.

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@EggShen i totally agree they've sold out us classic users for touch screen.  so many things seemed moved around for almost no apparent reason, it was maddening.  so far, my favorite windows 11 feature is the recovery option.  i have reverted to the last update which had a well-placed search bar in outlook, and just a better overall feel.  i think i will not allow any more updates to my system until i check them out online.