windows 11 on intel 6th generation

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hi i need to install windows 11 on intel 6th generation processor but unable to do that.can you helpme out

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Atm, Microsoft is testing Windows 11 on Intel 7th-generation processor but there is no official update for Intel 6th-generation processor. Kindly wait and keep an eye on updates from Windows official blog:

Hope this helps!

Windows is only supported for 8th generation processors and up. At least at the time of this post. Plus TPM 2.0 chip is required.
In case you want to upgrade but your system is not compatible report it using the Feedback Hub app.
Hi! All you need is an ISO for Windows 11 but you need to evaluate your PC specs. Now, as Microsoft states that Windows 11 will be needing a supported CPU (they lowered it from 8th gen to 7th gen CPU), TPM 2.0 and a UEFI bios. If you don't have those two requirements (TPM 2.0 and UEFI BIOS), most likely Windows 11 cannot be installed onto your system. Currently I am using Windows 11 on Dev Channel. My laptop has TPM 2.0 and UEFI BIOS but doesn't have a compatible CPU (6th gen core i3). My overall experience using Windows 11 on an unsupported CPU (at least for now) is satisfying than Windows 10. It was more responsive and fluid when it comes to transitions and overall multi tasking is a breeze.
How did you get windows 11. Did you purchase again or got update some how. I want to upgrade too
Hi there i updated my windows 10 to to windows 11 by joining windows insider program I think as of now they have closed the registration of new user at today they are going to launch it officially and I am getting my all updates from windows insider program as beta user
Too bad I missed the opportunity let's hope they will be giving the upgrades in few months
But a quick question. If I install from iso what's gonna happen to my digital license, any idea?
They have started the updates you can check first join windows insider program i hope they have open the platform for new user you can try
I registered and currently restarting the pc. Idk maybe I should work hard and start saving money to get new pc tho if I don't get the update.
Idk it's saying upgrading to Windows 11 but not sure if I can install it. Thanks for your advice tho.
Will need to wait and see what MS do. It will be a huge shame, all these systems that will end up in a land fill, so much for reducing pollution and waste.
Digital license of windows 10 was working with 11 or is it asking to purchase again?
Its working i am using digital license but just make sure windows 10 pro with 11 pro and windows home with 11 home dont mix it
I recently notice windows 11 support 11 year old process core to duo but not intel 6th generation i dont what Microsoft is upto
You can install but the real issue is updates that what old pc will struggle

I updated to windows 11 .. Ran perfect Updated NP... It would not run a system restore point. I received errors. Went back to Windows 10. :( 

Digital license will be as problem.