Windows 11 Insider Dev channel tries to download and install Windows 10 Insider

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I was on the dev channel for a while, and at some point i stopped getting updates since i didnt have a "windows 11 ready" system (i didnt enable tpm in bios)

I re-enabled it and tried to update my win11 insider build. When I selected the Dev channel, it tried to download and install a Windows 10 build. Specifically, as seen in the photo, "windows 10 insider preview 10.0.22478.1012 (rs_prerelease)". When I switched to the Beta channel, it was able to download and install a cumulative win11 update just fine. I've used the troubleshooting steps and even installed a win11 dev build from an iso and the issue still persists. I've tried letting it download and install this win10 build but it just fails and does nothing, and then tries to reinstall on the next boot. how can i get the latest win11 dev beta?

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Have you tried to perform a clean installation of Windows?

But this will format the drive and delete your files - keep this in mind.

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

i haven't tried that especially cause i'd have to reinstall everything and i don't know for sure if it'd fix it. i'd prefer to do that only if i absolutely have to.
Unfortunately, but it will probably be necessary.
There is a mismatch that is unlikely to be fixed.
Maybe someone will suggest another solution.
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it randomly decided to install the latest dev version properly so that's good? no idea how or why but it works now