Windows 11 Feature Requests

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Since Windows 11 completely switches to the modern look
It is suggested that a modern shape should also be added to the mouse pointer, this will increase the elegance of Windows 11 :hearteyes:

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I was under the impression that a X compositor followed from user requests but it was on the roadmap for a longer time, if I understand the Microsoft way of negating Feedback Hub

and have been Insider since 2015, I've done several hundreds of regression tests, that I now feel stupid for not doing this hammering under bounty law. I feel stupid because there seems little interest in user opinion. The discussion about 'the possible return of hh:mm:SS that is not even a discussion I already offered some animated alternatives that can render the second hand in the AM/PM space that the strangest about this, HH means 24hr clock like 05:05 AM

Not for the tea in China or the Corn in Carolina. I feel stupid for collecting 'badges' while the leaderboards of who got most GSOD's and who had to hammer bootcode to get a system up and running with a DEV flight that, in hindsight,still has the kernel pnp errors that I listed. I wonder if this means that I can still have DWM Direct X sound and have only some TCP stack, that is the version of Windows that is on steroids.

One tip to Microsoft: get rid of all obvious intrusion oppertunists in the STORE
When I want to connect something to Bluetooth through the taskbar icons, the Bluetooth settings should open in the same window. Its annoying for the bluetooth settings page to open.