Windows 11 - accidentally removed Widgets

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When I first upgraded to Windows 11 the Widgets app didn't work, and to cut a long story short, while troubleshooting I managed to completely remove Widgets from my PC.


It's not just disabled - i.e. I've checked my Personalisation > Taskbar settings and it's no longer there.

It's 100% gone.


Does anybody know if it's possible to re-install the Widgets app?

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Have you figured out a solution for this? ive tried all thats out there. The wingadget isnt in task manager or the group policy. need to reinstall somehow


No, still no luck. I’ve tried a complete reinstall of the operating system and even that didn’t bring it back - baffling!
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Install windows web experience pack

That would do the trick, a restart maybe required.



Yup that's done it, thanks!

I tried that. It did bring the widgets back but still the add/remove option is not there. I cannot add any widgets the button is gone that was once there.  I get the local weather and hundreds of different news articles. I take them away but more just populate. I even uninstalled the news from add/remove from system. Im logged into my MS account but to the top right where the 3 circles are give me no options other than change interests and shows im logged into my account. Changing the interests does nothing either.