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Windows 10 renew activation after hardware change

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After storm I changed main board in my pc and now Windows 10 asking me for activation. Automatic troubleshooting do not help. I received free Win10 licence for participants at Windows Insider Program. As I understood my digital licence was connected with old / broken main board. How can I renew activation in that situation?

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@Eddie Leonard thanks for asking. 

It was lighting problem, therefore I do not made preparing procedure. I followed reactivation procedure from this document, but it do not help :(


You may need to contact Support to get assistance with reactivation. 

@Eddie Leonard 

Yes, I tried this also. While call received answer that they are commercial and do not have tools to users which received digital licence for free because participation at Windows Insider Program. They suggest contact Insider team by blog site. Now I'm looking right path to connect with proper team.

@Kamyk72 Sending you a PM