Win11 taskbar only at the bottom of the screen - it needs to be changed!

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I find that the ability to customize the taskbar is great!
Missing this in Windows11 is strange – as a Microsoft community you have to report
errors in the development of Win11 - because that's how I judge!
Please write reviews on this topic - welcome!
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Yes, customizability should always be an option for the users.


There is feedback posted in the feedback hub about this, if users want to view, upvote and comment on it over there. Use this link -

Yes thank you very much please such a notification, that's why this post!

I believe that you need to write on the forum about changes that are not beneficial to use
Windows11 !
I have a taskbar at the top of the screen on all computers - hidden-when you hover the cursor is visible, I do not understand why Win11 removed it?
ergonomically, the bar at the bottom of the screen is not comfortable and it does not suit me!
please write what you think!'