Unable to rearrange system tray items even with latest insider build.

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According to this release (https://blogs.windows.com/windows-insider/2022/10/13/announcing-windows-11-insider-preview-build-226...), the build that went out in early October should have re-enabled the ability to rearrange/reorder items in the system tray. I am on 22623.891 and still unable to rearrange anything - if I try to drag and drop it simply shows the "not allowed" symbol.

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UPDATE: 11/25/2022.

Not sure what updated over the past couple of days, but I restarted my machine and a bunch of small issues I've had with W11 were fixed (including this issue as well as potentially the search indexing issue many have had over the past couple of months). Again I am on the latest insider build (22623.891).
on my beta build 22623.891 I can rearrange my icons. Before on this same build I could not. I restarted my pc one day and now I can rearrange. Also in the hidden icons menu instead of a box it is now a line. Microsoft is very weird some times
Agreed. Also my search indexing issue is already back, so whatever happened was temporary there.