Unable to do "Reset" or "Go back" on Windows 11(21H2)

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I installed Windows 11 around 23/07, and I've been trying to downgrade but nothing is working? I don't wanna lose all my folders and personal things how would I go about this? "Go Back" isn't an option for me apparently, also "Reset PC" Doesn't work, even if I have used the installer media, and have the drive inserted on top of that I have restarted my computer? so what do I do?

Also, the windows troubleshooter only shows 2 options for me, a terminal and safe mode startup thing.


https://youtu.be/YMH-YEstRgs (Video Of the Issue)

Version 21H2(Build 22000.100)

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I tried it and it works on mine (although I didn't finish the process as I didn't want to revert back to the previous version). I'm also on the 22000.100 build. There could be a few reasons why you can't return back. You went past the ten day period. If you didn't then you deleted the windows.old folder in your C:\ drive. Once that's deleted then you can't revert back even prior to ten days. You deleted Windows Updates (including that folder) through Disk Cleanup. Or the Windows.old folder somehow was damaged and can't fully revert back. If there's an issue with the "Go Back" (at the time of this post) I'm not aware of it, but others will chime in on it and report it. I've noticed during my time as an Insider Preview user in both Dev and Beta Channels (formally Fast and Slow Rings) is that some bugs people experience in one build others don't experience for whatever reason in the same build while some bugs everyone experiences in the same build.


The only other option I can think of is trying to revert back another way through the advanced setup menu, which can be found here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-insider-program/unable-to-do-quot-reset-quot-or-quot-...


Other people on this forum may be able to help you too with possible suggestions or solutions. 


@Anthony the thing is the troubleshooting method doesnt work for me for reasons i dont understand. for some people it shows Reset This PC and Advanced Options but for me it doesnt.

Oh, I don't know. It could be your PC. Lets see if others on here respond with additional or alternative options to help you.
same problem is happening to me right now, problem is that you probably uninstalled some important files or you disabled safe boot. Once you check that try again, if you still can not go back to windows 10, try saving your important files and installing a fresh new copy.