Unable to do "Reset" or "Go back" on Windows 11(21H2)

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I have recently installed Windows insider preview; it is around 20 hours since installation, and it was not working properly so I tried to "Go back", from System>Recovery>Go Back & Restore, but it does not seem to work, so I contacted customer support they told me to do the Reset, but the "Reset" option is also not working, just a loading circle appears and then disappears. I prefer to reset without losing data.

A video of the error is attached below.
Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you! 

Version 21H2(Build 22000.71)

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Update: I figured out an alternative way, to get back to Windows 10 without losing data, thank you for looking into the issue.
For anyone facing the same issue here is the solution:
**Please keep a note of BitLocker recovery key, it will be required in the process. You can find it at**
1 .Win+L
2. While holding the Shift key, go to the power and click "Restart".
3. Then advance setup menu appears, and there will be a "Troubleshoot" option.
4. Go in Troubleshoot>Uninstall Updates>Uninstall feature update.
5. Then if the uninstall feature update is available you will be able to go back to windows 10.
6. Congratulations! You are now on windows 10:party_popper:
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Hello @shade001,


This is a known issue atm with build 22000.71. It has been mentioned in this official announcement post:


Reset this PC and Go back buttons in Settings > System > Recovery do not function. Reset and roll back can be accessed from the Windows Recovery Environment by selecting System > Recovery > Advanced startup, and pressing Restart now. Once in Windows Recovery, choose Troubleshoot.

  • Choose Reset this PC to perform a reset.
  • Choose Advanced options > Uninstall Updates > Uninstall latest feature update to perform a rollback.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much @Kapil, it is really helpful.
Guys I was facing the same issue yesterday so I created a video on it. Here's the link:



@VINAYAK_BK This Video Should FIX Your Problem :

In this video, I will be showing you how to roll back to Windows 10 even if your "Go Back" button doesn't work. (Without losing data, after 10 days!) How to go back to windows 10 from windows 11 Go back to windows 10 from 11 Go back to windows 10 this option is no longer available Go back to ...
Thank you so much for this workaround, works like a charm.
I manually deleted the windows.old folder will it still work? When I click on Reset PC, it only shows a loading icon and then stops.

The "Go Back" feature is working again as of Build 22000.100. As to other person asking about the windows.old folder. If you delete the windows.old folder you won't be able to revert back to Windows 10 or the previous version of Windows even if it's prior to ten days. 

@shade001 I have the same problem here.  I hate Windows 11.  and want to stop automatic update. Windows is getting worst and making junk hardware and software because Bill Gate is not in control anymore.

@Kapil AryaThe thing is I can't go back to windows 10 now it says "this option is no longer available on your pc" which is because it's been more than 10 days. What do you think is there any option I can go back to windows 10 from 11? 

If this also is not working? For me it shows error..
I believe the opportunity is gone if has been more than 10 days to go back to windows 10. Believe would have to back up your data and do a fresh install of windows 10.
My build is 22000.184, and I don't have a Go Back button. If it was working again, it didn't stay there for long. Mine is still within the 10 days.
Sir please I need your help my Vaio laptop window 11 is not booting it shows blue screen again and again,, inaccessible device error, critical process died and shows other different errors like a disk failed to load press alt+cntrl+delete to start again,,,,,, operating system not found
I have tried to troubleshoot window update,I have also tried to startup repair ,I have also went in command prompt and did sfc scannow,chkdsk etc but my laptop Issue doesn't resolve I think it is because of three new updates of KB2565063 please guide me what should I do
hi, i wanted to know is this method still gonna work after the 10 days trial period of the preview?
Sorry, but it might no longer be available.