Taskbar Minimized Apps Re-Open When Icon is Hovered Over

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I am currently using the Windows 11 Insider build 25290.1010.



Recently, since one or two updates, when I hover over a minimized app icon on the taskbar, the app is reopened instead of displaying a preview. This has become extremely frustrating as I keep unintentionally maximizing all my minimized tabs.


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Please let me know if there is a method to return to the previous behaviour, which was clicking to open minimised apps and getting a preview when hovering.


Also, since this issue began, the drag-and-drop feature has stopped functioning in most apps, with the exception of browsers.

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@hrmasss ,

Can confirm the same bug.
At the moment some apps restore their window (as if clicked on hover) and some still show the taskbar preview popup.
The buggy ones (that restore windows) are all Chromium based or owned by Adobe.
The ones that continue to work as expected (preview popup) are Calculator, Powerpoint, Irfanview.
On reboot things go back to normal for a while.

Also, Explorer restart (from task manager) fixes the problem temporarily.