System freeze on restart - windows 11 dev

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Sometimes when changes are made or some driver is installed or just regular restart, the system freezes while rebooting, requiring hard reset, only fix I found is override boot in bios.


Picture bellow.

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Same here. 

Installed the preview on a (splendid) Asus ZenBook Duo 14 and get freezes all the time.

Sometimes on the Login screen, sometimes later on.


Tried safe mode which didnt work either, so not sure if it is driver related...

Turn CSM on in bios and try again.


Of course, please report such problems to the feedback center - this is very important! always hanging is a confirmation that there has not been a full implementation of the system and rather do not recommend a hard reset - it is better to leave the power in sleep.


There is no such thing as CSM on my notebook

Asus ZenBook Duo 14 


I am unable to report directly from my device as it is freezing within a minute. 


hello, i have the same problem as you, and i have the same asus. I'm trying to install Windows 10 again, but it's not recognizing ssd. asking to install the driver... did you find the solution?
Thats the short link to the driver. Load at Windows INstallation
thanks, after downloading the link, do i need to install some exe file? or is it just unpacking on the pendrive and at the moment where you ask me for the controller is just going to look for the usb pendrive?
yes unpack, copy folder to USB.
And then load the driver when it says that it does not recognize any hard disk.
You should be able to browse to the USB folder
Btw I am on Windows 11 now.
Updated from Windows 10. It loaded a new version of Windows 11 yesterday, which had no freeze since then.

@DominikReber  started having green screens , the system freezes while attempting simple tasks like emptying recycle bin . Nor the shortcut for restart, shutdown or task manager works

Notebook: Asus Zenbook Duo 14

With version 22000.65, Windows 11 run perfectly for some few days, it was plugged in and connected to a 4K-Screen using HDMI.
Yesterday, I unplugged it and used it as Notebook. No problems.
Today, I booted my notebook and the same happened as before:
- Screen went black for 1 second at the login screen. (as if it switching/doing something with the graphic card)
- as soon as I enter my pin code, it freezes

So I went to Safe mode and deactivated BOTH graphic cards (Intel XE and Nvidia MX450).
Rebooted and I could log in normally.
Activated the MX450 - worked
Activated Intel XE - and after about 2 min, it froze again.

So it might be the Intel XE - or still the MX450, as it did not freeze instantly. But I am suspecting the Intel XE

So I again booted to safe mode, deactivated only the Intel XE and could login normally again.

Then I uninstalled the installed driver for Intel XE - Version (so that's the one I suspect to generate the freezes).
It then automatically installed version (so an older one). No freezes since then now for an hour.

I am now installing the newest driver with some Windows 11 support (Version

I will report back, but I am confident that the problem lays within one of these drivers. I hope that using the newest one - or alternative the older version 27 will solve the freezes.
after the beta installation display driver was reverted back to intel driver assistant doesn't update the list of new versions. Its better to keep a manual copy.
thanks. Upgraded from .9466 to .9684
Argh Windows Update is just right now downloading 9670 again and downgrading... ARGH!
How can I prevent Windows Update from downloading driver updates?

@DominikReber  pc works fine when files are accessed through their medium . In My case File EXPLORER is the culprit. Impossible for extracting downloads, and for .exe files. Was hoping peace after the 0.9466 update.


suspending updates on a weekly measure or opting to stop dev pre builds under windows insider program untill the next stable build might help